Choosing a Trip

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Gearing Up

Once you’ve reserved your tour, the anticipation begins!

We’ll ask you to complete and return our Reservation Form, which includes all the details we need to make sure your rental bike is a perfect fit. Next, you’ll receive your trip confirmation materials, which will include all the information you’ll need to prepare and pack for your tour—meeting and departure details, weather, a detailed packing list, how much money to bring for lunch, reading list, and more. You’ll also receive training tips and a training schedule specific to the tour you’re taking.

A few weeks before your tour, we’ll send your final tour materials, including a route map and detailed notes about the places we’ll be visiting, along with a list of your fellow tour members and where they’re from. We’ll also reconfirm our tour meeting place and time. A week before your tour, we’ll email you with the telephone numbers of your tour guides.