Choosing a Trip

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Terrain & Ability Ratings

Our tours are designed for people who enjoy active vacations. To help you choose a trip that’s the best match for your experience and energy levels, we’ve included a brief note about terrain and a trip rating in each of our tour descriptions. We’ve designed most biking days to have a choice of mileage options, making almost every tour suitable for a range of ability levels. Our support van makes it possible for an energetic beginner to participate in all but our most challenging trips.

Level 1: Begin with a goal of riding for 10 miles without stopping, and gradually build up to weekend rides of 20-25 miles. You should be familiar enough with shifting gears to handle an occasional short, steep hill or a longer gradual climb of up to 1/2 mile at your own pace.

Level 2: You’re comfortable riding at 12 m.p.h. and can handle a 1/2 to one-mile hill at your own pace. You enjoy a couple of 25-35 mile rides a week, or participate regularly in other aerobic activities such as jogging or spinning classes. You’ve developed some endurance, and like an occasional challenge.

Level 3: You like a faster pace with fewer breaks. You ride several times a week and do regular weekend rides of 35-50 miles. You don’t mind hills and even enjoy an occasional 1- to 3-mile climb. Easy off-road paths are fun for you.

Level 4: An avid biker, you’ve “been there and done that,” and seek out major miles, challenging climbs, and thrilling descents.