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While many of you may have taken a bike tour with us or found us on Facebook or Twitter, you may not know the history of Easy Rider Tours.

Here’s how, 27 years ago, Easy Rider cycling adventures got rolling.

Easy Rider Tours wedding

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away (the early 80s), I lived in a world of non-stop pedaling plans. My panniers were always packed for the next great adventure: a 5000-mile tour across Europe, a ride around the Great Lakes, tours across the Midwest, and down the Baja Peninsula. Finally a coast-to-coast tour across the U.S. led me to… my future wife!

In the summer of 1984, I was leading a west-to-east trans-American tour for Bikecentennial (now the Adventure Cycling Association). My group was camping for the night on the grounds of a motor speedway (really!) in Lander, Wyoming. As was often the case, I got to talking with other touring cyclists who’d found the ad hoc campground on the Bikecentennial maps. By sheer coincidence, one of the other riders (by the memorable name of Dottie Doobie) was from my hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts!

Fast forward to the end of the tour, back in Cambridge, where I was cross-training my biking legs at a New England contra dance. Whom did I spy but Dottie, who was in the midst of an animated reunion with another contra-dancer. Dottie introduced me to Nancy, who had just finished her own solo cross-country bike tour. I’d been hearing about Nancy from friends since I’d returned East, but if it wasn’t for crossing paths with Dottie in Lander, WY—and a chance encounter at the dance—our first bike ride may never have taken place! That ride led to the creation of our company, Easy Rider Tours, and eventually, to biking off into the sunset on our wedding tandem…