Dining in Catalonia

 An Easy Rider favorite, Els Caçadors is where we begin our Pyrenees to the Sea biking adventure. We enjoy an incredible dinner there featuring lovingly prepared Catalan specialties, such as roast lamb with escalivada (marinated roasted aubergine salad), suquet de peix (a rich hake stew), sauces of alioli, bolets (wild mushrooms), and romesco (almonds, tomatoes, and peppers), and crema Catalana for desert. Cookbooks in Catalonia date back to 1324, so there's a story behind every dish!

We asked Chef Ramón to tell us the history of his charming restaurant tucked away in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Once you’ve experienced the level of presentation and personal service that accompanies every course, words are only the icing on the cake. You’ll be ready to charge over the passes of the Pyrenees!
-Jim and Javier, ERT guides

A family business since 1919
“The Pau-Solà family, that is to say Antoni Pau Comas, Carme Solà Juncà and their children Ramón, Julio, Ana, and Neus, is the fourth generation to run Els Caçadors de Ribes” explained Ramon. “The origins of our family business date from 1919. First, there was the café at Ribes—run by some of Antoni Pau’s great aunts—specializing in afternoon teas. It was there that our grandfather, Ramon Pau, grew up. When he married Pilar Comas, a girl from Olot who was a very good cook, it soon developed into a small restaurant.

“Subsequently, Grandfather Ramon decided to get into the kitchen to see if he could improve on his wife’s
cooking, thus earning himself the label of perfectionist” Ramon added with a smile.“This sort of healthy ‘competition’ made the cooking in the restaurant rise up the gastronomic scale, thereby establishing its notable reputation and prestige, which continues to this day. Also, the Pau family has always known how to incorporate the right people at the right time. Antonio and Carmen have continued this tradition and, working with their children, have guaranteed the new era at Els Caçadors.”

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