The name of our Alentejo bike tour says it all. Colors of the Alentejo is a reflection of all of the colorful richness embodied in the Alentejo region of Portugal, a treat for the senses in local colors, flavors, and sounds. Fall in the Alentejo brings deep crimson grape vines and golden fields, creating a beautiful backdrop for cycling. Meal time also brings vibrancy in the form of local dishes, many seasoned with bold, crimson paprika. Signature Alentejana dishes are simple and flavorful, bringing together ingredients such as  pork and clams in the classic Alentejo style. Desserts made traditionally from egg yolks and sugar provide a sweet end to simple, rustic meals.

The best part about a bike tour? There's no need to worry about dieting; your exercise is built in, making each meal taste that much better! Throughout our Colors of the Alentejo bike tour, guests get a chance to eat like locals, sampling many Alentejana specialties while staying in one-of-a-kind accommodations, pousadas, hotels created from historical and architectural landmarks. You can still join us for our September 8-15 Alentejo bike tour. Book by August 24 and save 10% (offer only available on new bookings and can not be combined with other discounts). We're also offering an October Alentejo bike tour date. For more information on the Alentejo and all of our Portugal tours, please visit our Portugal Bike Tours page



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Today's post is all about Algarve, on the south coast of Portugal. Don't blame us if you find yourself wanting to book a bike tour by the time you reach the end!

Summer bike tour season is in full swing, and we are living vicariously through our tour guests and bike tour guides. Last week our Algarve Blue tour riders enjoyed perfect weather for cycling under blue skies and took in even-bluer ocean views. Tour guide extraordinaire Gonçalo captured the tour and the best of Portugal in an incredible video. You can watch by clicking on the image below or by visiting our YouTube channel

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