Happy Spring Equinox! Yesterday we got about 6" of wet snow. As you might imagine, our New England winters can be wicked (a uniquely New England modifier) L – O – N – G. It takes a certain amount of naive  optimism to get us through the home stretch, because Mother Nature loves to mess with us. So we look for signs of Spring wherever we can find them. Give us get a reasonably nice day (bright sun, over 40° F, or one out of two), and we’re convinced that Spring is just around the corner. Like crocuses cautiously sticking their heads above ground, New England cyclists cautiously start to show our faces in February and March. Our internal clocks sense the day is approaching when neon-clad riders will suddenly emerge on the road, adding cheerful bursts of color to the long dormant landscape.

Meanwhile, I decided to chronicle some of the beauty of our not-quite-spring season around Easy Rider’s headquarters of Newburyport, Massachusetts. I got this urge when a surprise snowstorm dumped a foot of snow on us about two weeks ago. After shoveling out, I went for a cross-country ski.

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